Kathleen — December 31, 1908

New Year’s Eve                                                                                  KITEBROOK,


My dearest Robin,

I only posted a long letter [Kathleen–December 30, 1908] to you today but I can’t help employing my time by sending you my best wishes for the New Year while I am waiting to welcome him in.  May it be a very happy one for you and may there be many, many more happy ones to come!

This time last year I was watching love’s young dream (in the guise of Norah and Harry) dance the New Year in and feeling very cross at the frustration of my plans to include you in the party!  This time we are indulging in no festivities and retired respectably to bed at 11:00.  I wonder what you are doing?  I suppose though it isn’t time for you to be thinking of the New Year yet, you will be just about having tea; and when I am about waking up tomorrow you will perhaps be listening to the bells as I am doing now.  Oh, I wish you were home this year, we would have seen it in together somehow.  You simply must come back before May.  I can’t wait all that time for another look at you, it seems years off.  It’s nearly half as long as you’ve been gone already.

All the clocks in the house have struck so I suppose I may go to bed.

With again all my good wishes,

Your loving


I wore your necklace tonight it looked so nice.  It is a lovely one.


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