Below are links to two pages, one entitled “Kathleen” and the other “Robin”.  Each consists of a chronological list of links to the letters which each sent during their year apart.  Kathleen’s list is longer than Robin’s because Robin was more assiduous in preserving mementoes of his beloved.  Where possible, I have tried to note when a letter is missing from the sequence.  [These notes are italicised and enclosed in square brackets, like this.]

At the bottom of each letter is a link called “Next” which takes you to the next letter in the chronological list.  Mail took about ten days to travel between Moreton and Kelowna, so Kathleen and Robin experienced their correspondence rather differently.  At the bottom of each letter are two more links called “Kathleen’s Thread” and “Robin’s Thread”.  These enable you to follow the different sequences experienced in England and Canada.

In order to appreciate the unfolding narrative implicit in the letters, I suggest that you follow either Kathleen’s or Robin’s thread through the correspondence.