Robin — March 18, 1909

March 18, 1909

Kelowna, B. C.

My dearest Kathleen,

I didn’t get my letter written ready to post on Wednesday after all, one reason being that the photographs weren’t done in time and except for them I had little to write about.  They aren’t done yet but I hope to get them in town tomorrow to enclose in this.  I hope to leave here on the 25th now instead of the 27th.  Things are going so nice and smoothly that I am hoping to have all my arrangements cut and dried by then and you may be sure I’m not going to wait any longer than is necessary.  I haven’t the least idea what boat but I shall find that out when I get to Montreal.

I stained the passage floor upstairs this afternoon and as it hasn’t dried properly yet I shall have to go to bed via the window in your little room and the veranda roof and back in through my bedroom window, rather a burglarious way of doing things, isn’t it?  I like Punch’s idea of the modern style of dancing.  I think it would suit my long and lanky figure nicely.  I will practise the correct kinks to put in it on board.  A ship’s berth is conducive to that sort of thing, as when it’s rough it is necessasry to jam oneself against all four sides of the berth at once lest one involuntarily rolls out

I hear you’ve been having rotten weather again, snow and frost and no hunting.  You have my sympathy.  If I leave next Thursday I shall probably come on the same train and boat as my letter, so we shall probably arrive the same day, though my letter will come for breakfast and myself for tea.  If I get my photographs in town this afternoon you will see two of the house very much like the one you have, one of Powell and I feeding the horses in the winter (I wintered a few this year for other people), and one view of the back of the house that I took from the top of a load of hay coming up from the meadow.  The tennis ground is in the foreground and between that and the house is the engine shed I built.  We call it the “Power House” as it sounds more dignified.  I will demonstrate more about the ranch and its buildings when I see you and we can go over them together.

No more at present.

Yours as always,


P. S.  I enclose the photos.  They are not so good as I thought.  I also send you a panorama of Kelowna and the district.  My place doesn’t quite come in.  It is just outside the extreme left edge.  It is very well done, as the prints match each other so well, and it certainly gives you a good idea of the country.  I am hoping to get a letter today as it is rather overdue.  If I wasn’t so generous I should refrain from posting mine until I have found out.  

With all my love, dear,




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