Robin — March 22, 1909

March 22, 1909

Kelowna, B. C.           

My dearest Kathleen,

As I leave here next Thursday I will just send you a short letter so that you may expect me.  I may possibly get a Cunard boat from New York on April 1st or else I shall come by the “Cedric” leaving on the 3rd; but with any luck, seeing that I get to Montreal on the evening on the 30th and can get to New York by the following morning, I ought to get away in some boat or other before the 3rd.  If I get a Cunarder I will write from Queenstown, but I don’t think the other boats call in there.  Just think of it, no more letters to write.  Won’t that save you a lot of trouble?  I am staying with the Mallams now.  They have “Quand l’Amour Meurt” and “Caressante” on the pianola now.  I hadn’t heard them for a long time and it made me want to dance worse than ever.  I am so looking forward to seeing you that I keep forgetting about the dance and all the other things that one usually looks forward to so much.

I had a very nice letter [Kathleen–March 2, 1909] from you last week.  I like to hear that you’re looking forward to my return even though I ought to know that already without being told.

With all my love,

Yours as always,



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