Kathleen — December 11, 1908

December 11, 1908                                                                                Kitebrook


My dearest Robin,

I hope this letter will arrive about Christmas time, so I will start by wishing you all the good wishes of the season and may you have a very happy Christmas, though I shall be very jealous of some unknown something or someone if you don’t tell me next year that you are having an even happier one!

I am afraid this letter will not get much beyond my good wishes, as if I miss this post I am sure it won’t arrive by Christmas and it is nearly post time now.  I began this this morning but there have been so many interruptions all day and now Auntie has just had a telegram saying Grandfather is much worse and asking her to go tomorrow, so I have been looking up trains etc. for her.

I have got quite a lot of things to say too, but perhaps tomorrow I may have more time to say them.

I sent off yesterday a small remembrance of the festive season which will I hope arrive about the proper time and help to remind you of me from now till next May.  It seems a long way off.  I wanted to have a look at you before that, but I suppose that tiresome farm won’t spare you any sooner.  Forgive this tiny letter, and look out for the next instalment soon.

With my best love and again all good wishes,

Ever yours,



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