Robin — July 8, 1945

July 8:  1945 Okanagan Mission


My Dear Tony.

You[r] last letter [RAS450623] left us boiling with rage.  I was getting a wonderful vicarious thrill out of your flight from Africa to England & was hoping your letter would be an account of the trip.  (I suppose the censorship is lifted enough now for you to mention such things) & then to have it cancelled at the last moment like that.  It must have been sickening for you.  This drowning business seems almost incredible.  I think criminal is probably the right adjective.  It certainly leaves a nasty stink behind.  I suppose we may take it as definite that you are not taking part in the Jap war.  You did at one time say you were going to volunteer for it & at one time we thought you were on the verge of leaving for India or somewhere & then you turned up at W Africa & now I gather are waiting to be repatriated.  What on earth are they going to do with all you F/O’s for the next 3 months or more.  I’m afraid its [sic] going to be a tough time.  You personally can probably find enough places to go to & people to visit to use up a lot of leave (if you get a lot) but a lot of men are going to find time hang very heavy on their hands.  Peter [Mallam] may show up here any day now.  It will be nice to see him & hear what he has to say about you.  I will head him off if he gets indiscreet after a drink or 2 or 3 but you may have told him some flying experiences which we of course haven’t heard about.  We seldom hear from Dick [Stubbs].  He seems very busy in Germany but we have no idea what he is busy at & of course we have no idea what his future plans are, if any.  Another week should see us through thinning.  The crop at the moment looks quite a good one.  Luckily owing to my 3 women from town I haven’t had to thin a single apple myself but have found lots to do without that.  No more for now.  There is still a faint chance that your next letter may tell us that you flew back after all.  Very likely you are back in England anyway.

Love from us all

yrs Dad