Robin — February 18, 1909

Febrary 18, 1909

Kelowna, B. C.

My dearest Kathleen,

Thank you ever so much for the very charming little pencil case.  I am awfully pleased with it.

I remember so well suddenly snatching your programme pencil in the hall at Heythrop and have never ceased to be surprised at my audacity.  I wondered afterwards if you thought I had temporarily gone crazy but I simply had to have a memento of that dance.  If we had lived in prehistoric days I should probably have gone off with you as well despite your protests.

I sent you a letter yesterday so there is nothing more to add now.

This time next month I hope to be in the train just starting on my return trip.  It isn’t long, is it?

With all my love, dear, and many thanks,

Yours as always,



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