Kathleen — November 19, 1908

November 19th /08                                                                      KITEBROOK,


My dearest Robin,

I am quite delighted with the appearance of my fireplace.  [The references in this paragraph and the next are to photographs enclosed with Robin–October 27, 1908.]  It will be perfect with a fat Yule log sitting in it.  It will certainly wants a hearth-rug, or at least I shall.  That ridge looks rather hard.  Where do the doors lead to that show in the photo of the hall?  I can’t quite make out which way on I am looking.  Is that the sofa you made that just shows?  It looks a handsome piece of furniture but I should think the end is too straight to be comfortable.

What very quaint animals your cats are.  They look like china things you get at a 6½d bazaar!  They seem to be taking a keen interest in proceedings and looked round at the right minute with their best smiles.

I enjoyed my day’s hunting at New Barn very much.  We had a fairly good day but I had close on 18 miles to ride home, which rather took the starch out of both Utility and me.  It was quite dark when I did get back and I had almost forgotten we had had a good day, it seemed so long ago.  I shall think twice before I accept another of those invitations for the night!  We had a very good run from Sawcombe yesterday, or at least other people had.  I stupidly rode Ladysmith early, so was nowhere as they slipped away very quickly at the bottom when I was at the top; and I followed at a discreet distance as far as Addington Ashes, where I arrived just in time to see that fox killed and to go away with another which took us to Sarsgrove.  I was just able to keep in sight that time.  I had the consolation of doing better than a good many people though, as ever so many did not even know hounds had left the covert and never got further than Icomb!  After that I got onto Pedlar and we did no more worth recording.  If ever I start the day on Ladysmith we get a run in the morning or if I ride her last we get a late one.  What am I to do?

The hounds met at Pomfret Castle on Monday but I did not go.  I haven’t been since about this time last year.  Do you remember?  It was the first time I saw you after you came back last time.  It was the last place I saw you at when you went away the time before too.  I always look on Pomfret Castle as a meet to which I always go, but I have only been six times in the last five years, so the times I have been must have made a huge impression!

Stow defeated East Glos. by 2 goals to 1 on Saturday.  I did not play after all as I strained my knee a bit at the practice and could not run.  It is still a bit rocky so I am going up to see Mabel Witts’s electric doctor on Saturday to be cured.  Marjorie received one of Gwelena’s clears in the middle of her forehead, which caused some excitement especially as an E. G. foreward seized the opportunity to put the ball through the goal.  Fortunately Mr. Garnett had had the presence of mind to blow his whistle directly Marjorie was hurt.

I am trying to tone photographs as well as write to you and it’s not altogether successful.  First I forget the photographs and then I forget the letter.

“Lawrie” is going to the Evereds for a bit, a most suitable arrangement all round!

I hear the Johnsons are going abroad if they can let their house.  History does not say where.  Perhaps Mexico?

I am going to tea with Norah after hockey today, while Auntie plays bridge at the E. Francises’.  I was asked to go to and amuse myself with the Pianola if I wouldn’t play too, so nice for those who were playing!

No time for more today or the photos will go green.

Yours with best love,



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