Kathleen — March 17, 1909

March 17, 1909                                                                         KITEBROOK,


My dearest Robin,

I have just got your letter saying you are not starting till the 28th so it is just possible this may reach you.  [This letter of Kathleen’s did not arrive in Kelowna until several days after Robin’s departure. The letter of Robin’s to which Kathleen refers is not extant.]  I wonder how much I can write in twenty minutes, which is about all the time I have got before the post goes.  There is nothing much to be said except that it is still freezing hard and I am counting the days till the 12th.

I plodded through snow and ice to Pomfret on Monday and to Bruern yesterday, only to return a sadder and a wiser being; in fact so sad and wise that I have not gone to Oddington today, consequently I feel convinced they will hunt; but Knowles was even more crushing than usual when I enquired what the going was like.  He replied, “Well, you can go if you like, miss, but they can’t ‘unt you know!”  I thought after that I had better stop at home, or rather go to lunch at Daylesford instead.

Mrs. Prichard is very ill.  She had a bad operation about ten days ago and for a bit they thought she wouldn’t get over it, but I hear she is going on all right now, though it will be another rmonth before she can leave the home where she is in London.

As five of the twenty minutes have been spent in talking to Auntie, I am afraid this must come to an abrupt close.  We are rather harassed about Geoff.  He should have turned up in a motor yesterday and has not yet arrived and we have heard nothing of him.

With very best love and looking forward so much to seeing you,

Yours ever,



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