Kathleen — July 14, 1908


July 14, 1908



My dearest Robin,

Thank you ever so much for the dear little brooch you sent me on my birthday.  I am simply delighted with it.  It was nice of you, and I like it being maple leaves–the emblem of my future country, isn’t it?

I got it rather before I thought I should, as Auntie discovered it when she went home and wisely sent it on to me, knowing I should like to have it at once.

I arrived here yesterday in a deluge, however we were able to play tennis in the afternoon.

I go home tomorrow in time for a tennis party at the Wardens’ and henceforth my days seem full up with tennis etc.  I have been trying (but not with much success) to make the people I have just been staying with take Fosse Cottage as Margaret has always liked our neighborhood, but she seems to think it will lose most of its attraction when I leave it!!!  Isn’t it flattering!!  I suppose it is my duty to stop this and discuss the weather with my hostess!

With love and ever so many thanks for that dear little brooch, I can’t tell you how much I like it,

Ever your loving



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