Kathleen — January 13, 1909

January 13, 1909



My dearest Robin,

I got your letter [Robin–December 29, 1908] this morning and am just sending you a few lines in answer by this mail.  I have not time for a proper letter as I have been over at Daylesford all day and have to make an early start to hunt at Chipping Campden tomorrow.

I have only time to say please come back to me soon, I simply long for just a look at you.  You talk about next summer but that seems such a very long way off–you must come before then.  Can’t the tiresome old farm spare you?  You must make it, for I do want you back–almost more than usual tonight, I think.

I will answer your letter by the next mail.

Always your loving


The latest excitement in the neighborhood is Guelina Cheetham’s engagement to Mr. Fawnthorpe, a friend of Jack Cheetham’s, which was announced yesterday.


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