Kathleen — February 15, 1909

February 15, 1909                                                                      KITEBROOK,


My dearest Robin,

It seems a long time since I wrote to you, but time was even scarcer than usual last week!  I am afraid it will be only a short letter now as I am supposed to be in bed and asleep like all good children; but as I see no prospect of any spare minutes before next Sunday I suppose I must write to you or you will wonder what has happened to me.  

I have been hunting today and am hunting tomorrow and driving over to Guiting after to act with Norah at an entertainment which Mrs. Waddingham is giving to her tenants.  Wednesday I return home.  Thursday go to Cheltenham for a hockey match and hunt Friday and Saturday, so it’s rather a full week.

We had a very good run last Friday from Harkums via Adlestrop to Broadwell and Icomb.  Utility nearly pulled my arms off, so I had him out again today to try and tame him down a bit and he went much better.  Poor Mr. Oakley had a very bad fall today over a wall.  His horse fell on him and injured his spine, they think.  They say the doctor seemed to think it very doubtful if he would get over it, but I hope it may not be as bad as that.

Geoff went away last night to Putney to cram for his army exam.  I shouldn’t think he has much chance of passing as he has to get up ten subjects in three weeks.

The Heythrop ball went off with great éclat.  We all enjoyed ourselves hugely.  It had much more “go” about it than most private dances, but there was a a huge crowd (360 people, I hear) which rather spoilt the dancing at first.  We didn’t get home till nearly 6:00.

Geoff and I drove over to Guiting after hunting on Friday with the intention of hunting there on Saturday but we were frustrated by frost so I spent my time in telling Francie about you, which seemed to interest her quite a lot.  Of course she knew before, though not till last autumn, she says.  I can’t think why people began to discuss us again then.  Guelina told me the other day she had been thinking her new hunter might suit me for next season, but Mrs. Barnsley had told her I shouldn’t want one.  Oddly enough, I had thought at the beginning of the season that mine might suit her!  Francie has her eye on them both, I fancy, but Geoff will probably have mine.

Just off to Guiting so will send a further instalment on Thursday if possible.  I get in from hunting with just one hour to change, pack, and eat tea, so it’s a bit of a scramble!

Your loving 



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