Kathleen — August 30, 1945

35 Aug 30th /45 Okanagan Mission


My dear Tony

Glad to hear you get a spot of leave after all.  They do seem a bit stingy with it.  You always seem to come in for some tough job when you go to Ditchford.  I am glad they are able to give up some of their chores now.  [RAS450817]

We had a very nice trip to Summerland last week and the glads. were marvelous [sic], 3 acres of them all in full bloom!  Just by the roadside so we had no difficulty finding the place.  Afterwards we had tea on the shore and went to the Experimental Farm.  There was not much to see there.  It was about a week too early for the cacti which were all in bud.

Archie [Stubbs] went camping with the scouts for the weekend, they had one rather wet night but did not seem to mind it.  The Dodge has just got a new top and looks quite smart again.  We expect Mary [Stubbs] back on Saturday.  She writes that she is enjoying herself in Vancouver.  She was going to tea with the Stiells [?].  Nancy has just got back from England.  Daddy saw Mr Mallam at the store today, he is recovering from his lumbago, but said he had had a very bad time and had to go round on all fours!  Peter [Mallam] is back again after a weekend at the coast.

Daddy and I went to supper with Mr Haverfield and Beryl [Archie’s fiancee] on Sunday.  He is rather amusing to talk to.  On Monday I went to tea with the Claud [?] Taylors.  Belinda is off to McGill next week, she looks a little squirt of a thing to go off on her own for nine months!  Freddie Taylor is getting married tomorrow.  The girl couldn’t get leave when he first came back.  He expects to get his discharge quite soon.

Beryl walked up for supper last night, having broken the journey for tea with friends on the way.  We were going through a list of wedding guests, to see who could be weeded out!!  She has such a vast acquaintance and they cant [sic] possibly all get in the Church.  The reception is to be at the Haverfields.  We dont [sic] see much of Archie these days as they have been fixing up the shack, they want to get it done before picking starts.  Its [sic] beginning to look very nice.  They are now oiling the road from the store to the Gyro Park, we had hoped they were going to hard-surface it and make a real job of it.  Every time we go to town we notices [sic] new houses going up and there are 3 stores almost finished by the KLO corner.  They are supposed to be putting up 100 houses for war veterans this year but owing to shortage of materials and labour they are not getting on very fast.  It is hard to get a meal in the town too especially in the evenings.  Restaurants are so overworked they close about 8 and there are stories of tourists having to go on to Penticton or Vernon for supper!

Best love from Mother.