July 13, 1937

Telephone 24161

King Edward Hotel

J. C. Calhoun


10180 . 101st Street

Edmonton – Alberta

July 13th 1937

Dear Mother:

I am leaving at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow via McKenzie Airways.  The letter from Trail doesn’t say where I am to work (Goldfields or Grt. Slave Lake) so I can’t give you my address yet.  I have been busy buying supplies this morning and I hope I have bought everything I need for awhile.  Excess baggage on the plane is 10¢ a lb.  I am allowed only 35 lbs. on my ticket which was $25.00 to McMurray.  I should have left this afternoon if I hadn’t let the hotel ascertain when the planes were leaving.  About 30 minutes ago I phoned Canadian Airways thinking they might have a plane leaving earlier than 8:00 tomorrow and found a plane was leaving in about 20 minutes from Cooking Lake so I just couldn’t make it.

I was able to sleep in on the train till 11:30 and slept a little in the afternoon so I have almost caught up.

Today is the first day of an all week exhibition and there was a huge parade this morning with floats, bands etc.

With love from


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