January 16, 1939

Yellowknife, N. W. T.

January 16th, 1939.

Dear Mother:

I am glad you liked the present.  I don’t know much about them so didn’t know whether they were really as practical as the old type.

I am just reading Madame Claire now and it is very good.  I have still got two to read yet of the ones I brought up with me although I have been reading quite a bit lately.  In fact for a while I must have read too much for when morning came I was too sleepy to get up in time for breakfast and so went for a week with only two meals a day.  I think I am over this now though I missed it this morning.  Eric is much worse than I in this respect and got up this morning for breakfast the first time in two weeks.

On Saturday I saw a Technicolor “Ebb Tide” which was very bad and even the colours seemed poor.  Did I tell you I had seen “Hurricane” a week or so ago?  Aren’t we catching up with Kelowna.

One could not ask for better weather considering our location.  Temperature is staying around zero which is really not cold at all.

Last week I saw our first inter-club hockey game.  Con against the Negus Mines.  The game was at the Negus rink which is illuminated by lights and fixed up with a heated tent to change in both of which we lack.  As all their men were dressed in their own club sweaters etc. our motley clothed team could be considered as going down to a double defeat as Negus won the game.

Starting this month I am to receive a ten dollar raise in my salary which is indeed welcome.  Do you remember the savings policy I took out with Maurice Meikle?  Well they turned it down in Trail saying I would have to handle it myself so I have dropped it.  Soon after I bought it I regretted doing so and wanted to drop it but didn’t like to as I thought that by thenTrail would have made a payment on it.

I took yesterday afternoon off for a visit to the Negus.  Their assayist came in on the same plane as I and as he was a camera enthusiast I soon got to know him even in spite of the noise of the plane so I got him to show me over the place.  Their mill which is nearing completion is equipped with much the same machinery as ours although nearly everything is on a smaller scale.  They hope to start operating in the latter part of February.

I have recently finished the first roll of pictures and have sent them out to Edmonton.  There are no pictures of me but I can guarantee at least one on the next roll.  So far I have has very little opportunity to take pictures and if it keeps up like this it is a good thing that Mary has the 35 mm. camera.  How many rolls have you taken to date, Mary?

Gerry Lauder, who is second to Howard at Goldfields is working in our office now and will be here for about a month.  I am not sure whether he is here to learn the operating end of gold mine accounting or whether it is because business is so slack at Box.  It might be the latter as there will not be much doing there until the hydro project is completed and then with the power the Hydro will develop they can really start to move putting 1000 tones of ore through the mill every day.

I finally got a money order from the C. P. R. for my rebate.  The money order was for $1.40.  Aren’t I lucky?

I am glad to hear that Willie Metcalfe’s back was only a rib.  It must have been a very bad break though.

I hope Dad has completely recovered from his lumbago now.

With love from


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