February 1, 1938

c/o C. M. & S. Co. Ltd.

Yellowknife, N. W. T.

Feb. 1st/38

Dear Mother:

I am afraid there is nothing much to write about but I guess the photographs will make up for that.  I think the picture of the water tower and that of the Indian cabin are two of the best I have taken.  The enclosed negative was not printed but if Archie can do anything with it you will get an idea of what the tanks in the mill look like.  Most of the tanks are about twice this height but have a smaller diameter.  It was very smoky shen I took the picture due to the many heaters scattered over the place.

The weather is still hanging around the usual twenty below.  I never dreamt it would be so mild in these parts and was quite expecting to having [sic] to endure temperatures of minus sixty or seventy.  Already the days are much longer.  There was a plane flying around here some time after five today.

One of our staff left a few days ago on his holidays.  Lucky dog.  He is heading for California.  Two more of the staff (in the construction department) will be leaving in a few days.  One of the warehousemen (who usually accompany Eric and I to town on a Saturday night) left this morning on his holidays.  Still left at the camp are about 150 – 160 men according to my latest census.

The company has a new idea now so that everybody has to pay board as you would if you were working in Trail so I get an extra $30.00 a month to take care of this.  Board is $1.00 a day but despite 31 day months one gains in the end as you are paid during your holidays when you are not paying board.

How is the photograph album coming?  Has Dad put the captions in yet?

With love from


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